Well…talk about dreams coming true! One big dream of ours…getting an RV and hitting the road…has begun to take shape. We can’t hit the road yet but we got the RV and we’ll spend the next year or two getting it all decked out the way we want it. We had new floors put in this week before we took delivery, and the dealer put in a new main awning.

Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before we can actually take it on our first camping trip. But we will spend those next few weeks loading her up and stocking her so we’ll be ready to go!

I followed Chris home with the car. We still need to get a tow hitch for my jeep. He did really well! When we got back to the storage lot, his Uncle Ron and Aunt Carol came over to check it out. We sat and chatted for a while and I didn’t want to leave it!

Here’s some pictures showing the new flooring. Not great pictures, though. I’ll try to take more tomorrow without the bright glare.

20140222_130417 20140222_130517 20140222_130558 20140222_130625 20140222_130405